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Fun activities


Fun activities  

Swimming pool, cinema... things to amuse the family in Villedieu-les-Poêles.

Choose a destination for a holiday in Normandy, there are also activities to do with the family, whether the sun is out or if it rains. If the Professions of art have been seen, other pastimes are suggested in Villedieu-les-Poêles.
Swimming pool, cinema, and other facilities are grouped together here for the pleasure of all !



The town of Villedieu has a beautiful cinema, situated behind the Post office. The Association of law 1901 brings together in the Villedieu Cinema, active volunteers and the projectionist Christophe Lapeyre....

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14 Rue des Costils, 50800 Villedieu les Poêles
Phone : +33 02 33 61 46 82

Public library

The Public Library offers a program of animations and of exhibitions and offers different areas : children's reading, adolescents, adults, magazines and newspapers, musical CD, language CDs, gardening,...

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Place des Halles - 50800 Villedieu-les-Poêles
Phone : +33 02 33 91 00 91- Fax : 02 33 91 00 92

Equestrian Center La Chapelle Cécelin

12, rue Albert Haupais 50800 La Chapelle-Cécelin
Phone : 06 08 55 70 47

Leisure swimming pool

A leisure swimming pool with a slide and a sauna is open all year The swimming pool is privileged with a pool of 25 metres long and 12 metres wide. A giant slide of 30 metres will give lots of amusement and...

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Rue du 8 mai 1945 50800 Villedieu les Poêles
Phone : +33 02 33 50 17 00

Equestrian Center La Ferme équestre du Gué

Le Gué 50800 Saint-Martin-le-Bouillant
Phone : 0630183009

Sports and cultural associations

We have a number of sports and cultural associations in the area of the Villedieu basin : football, volley-ball, ping-pong, hiking, dance, music school, design, chess, horse-racing... You can download the...

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Communauté de Communes

Etape en forêt

 The high-ropes course in the forest of Saint-Sever includes 42 kinds of obstacles on 4 courses with different levels of difficulty, for beginners and the more accomplished. This course covers 3000 m2 of...

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Phone : 09 67 73 16 76

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