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Camping and areas for motor homes


Camping Les Chevaliers de Malte*** 

Camping Les Chevaliers de Malte***

Camping Les chevaliers de Malte ***

The campsite of Chevaliers de Malte is located 3km away from the A84 and near the city center of Villedieu-les-Poêles. Enjoy a pleasant stay with your family, friends or group. Spots for tents, car, RV, camper-van. Chalet and mobile homes rental. Multi-sports pitch at your disposal.

Services : piscine chauffée, aire de jeux, terrain multisport, épicerie, snack, laverie...

Open from April, 1st  to October 15th

Tariffs :
Emplacement (tente, caravane, camping-car) : de 15.90 à 23.90 €
Emplacement + électricité : de 19.90 à 27.90 €
Mobil-home 2 pers. (mini 2 ou 3 nuits) : de 46 à 69 € la nuit
Mobil-home 4 pers. (mini 2 ou 3 nuits) : de 66 à 89 € la nuit
Mobil-home 6 pers. (mini 2 ou 3 nuits) : de 88 à 109 € la nuit.
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Camping des Chevaliers de Malte***
2, Impasse du Pré de la Rose
50800 Villedieu-les-Poêles-Rouffigny
Tél. 02 33 59 49 04 / 06 74 95 42 43


Camping and areas for motor homes 

Camping and areas for motor homes

Travelling by motor home, liberty is guaranteed !

In the heart of Villedieu-les-Poêles, you can make a stop with your motor home and profit from the ample services.
Two areas are available for staying or for just a brief stop in Villedieu-les-Poêles :
- A service area, Place des Quais. 4€ for 10 minutes of water and 55minutes of electricity. Free drainage.
- A parking area, Parc de la Commanderie. game for children and picnic tables are provided.
Two camp sites are also available : one in Villedieu and another in La Lande d'Airou.


Indiens et cowboys land 

Indiens et cowboys land

Indiens et cowboys land

Stay on the lands of "Indians and cowboys land" in unusual accommodations. You can spend the night in a teepee and enjoy the pleasures of a campfire, sleep in a trailer and even in a prison! Small kitchen and dishes are at your disposal.

Open from May to the end of August 

- Tipi 2 pers : 60 € / Tipi 4 pers : 80 € / Tipi 6 pers. : 120 € / Tipi 8 pers. 160 €
- Roulotte et prison : 60 € pour 2 pers. et 80 € pour 4 pers.

Indiens et Cowboys Land
Hôtel Valet
Tél. 02 33 61 59 32 / 06 77 75 51 73


Etape en forêt 

Etape en forêt

Etape en forêt

The camp-site "L'étape en forêt" offers 15 places of more than 100 m2 with electrical outlets, for a calm and exotic experience in a forest. High-ropes activities and restaurant on site.
Motorhome are welcome. On site: restaurant, acrobatic tree climbing, unusual accommodation.

Reception open from 8.00 to 11.30 and from 15.30 to 19.00

Rates : 12 € per nignt for 2 people

Etape en Forêt

Route du Vieux-Château
09 67 73 16 76

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