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Public library

Place des Halles - 50800 Villedieu-les-Poêles

Phone : +33 02 33 91 00 91

Fax : 02 33 91 00 92


The Public Library offers a program of animations and of exhibitions and offers different areas : children's reading, adolescents, adults, magazines and newspapers, musical CD, language CDs, gardening, DIY…., Internet access and study areas. The enrolment is obligatory to borrow documents and to use the Internet. The participation of the animation is free for the members, but payable for non -members. For the classes, enrolment to the library allows students to visit exhibitions, introduced by their teachers and guided by the assistants at the library and for the class to borrow these documents.

Tariffs from 1st September 2013 :


  Intercom du Bassin de Villedieu* Hors Intercom
family 15 € 30 €
single 10 € 20 €
class Gratuit 54 €
seasonal 10 € + chèque caution 54 € 10 € + chèque caution 54

(*) The Intercom of the Bassin of Villedieu composes of the following communities : Beslon, La Bloutière, Boisyvon, Bourguenolles, Champrépus, Chérencé-le-Héron, Coulouvray-Boisbenâtre, La Chapelle Cécelin, Le Chéfresne, La Colombe, Fleury, La Haye Bellefond, Le Guislain, La Lande d'Airou, Le Tanu, Margueray, Maupertuis, Montabot, Montbray, Morigny, Percy, Rouffigny, Saint-Maur des Bois, Saint-Pois, Sainte-Cécile, Saint-Martin le Bouillant, La Trinité, Villebaudon, Villedieu-les-Poêles.
Access to the Internet and to events is free for members.
Each member can borrow 5 books, 2 reviews, 3 CD or audio books, 1 CD Rom, 1 DVD for 3 weeks.

Opening hours  2014 :

MARDI 10h-12h15 16h-18h
MERCREDI   14h-18h
JEUDI   16h-18h
VENDREDI   15h-19h
SAMEDI 10h 15h45

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